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Zion Tubing Virgin River

Gear up with our top-quality equipment, including comfortable tubes and safety gear, to ensure a seamless and worry-free adventure. As you float down the Virgin River with your friends and family, you'll ride along the life-force of the desert. Meander down 1.5 miles (approximately 90 minutes) on an inflatable tube along the lush Zion Tubing Virgin River together, as you spot local wildlife including plants and animals, native to the River.
Zion Tubing Rental - Virgin River Adventure  Product

Zion Tubing Rental - Virgin River Adventure

$39.95 / Person

For a family-friendly outdoor adventure that is both easy and enjoyable, look no further than our Virgin River Tubing Experience. This activity is perfect for ages 6+, thanks to the gentle water flow and pleasant temperature that make it accessible to most people. All you need to do is grab a deluxe tube and set off on a leisurely float down the Virgin River towards Utah. As you cruise along, you will be treated to stunning sights and breathtaking landscapes. Let the beauty of your surroundings captivate you as you relax and enjoy the tranquil journey. Whether you're seeking a fun outing with family or a peaceful escape in nature, the Virgin River Tubing Experience is an ideal choice. Embrace the simplicity and natural splendor of this adventure, creating lasting memories along the way.